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About Eden

Eden San Diego is a family owned and operated boutique plant nursery & gift shop serving commercial and residential customers in the heart of University Heights, San Diego.

Boutique Plant Nursery & Gift Shop


Eden San Diego is a family owned and operated boutique plant nursery and gift shop serving the University Heights community since 2017. As sister store to North Park Nursery, Eden offers a variety of houseplants, succulents, cacti, seeds, airplants, pots, and garden supplies. The shop also features locally made jewelry, soaps, and macrame, alongside a curated collection of candles, mugs, cards, home décor, and more.

The interior of the store features an array of beautiful, healthy houseplants. While stock changes from week to week, you’ll often find favorites such as Calatheas, Monsteras, Marantas, Pothos, Cordatum, Aglaonemas, Dieffenbachia, Sansevieria, Dracaenas, and so much more! We also love bringing in rare finds from time to time such as Begonia Maculata, African Mask, Alocasia Black Velvet, & Jewel Orchid. Additionally, we carry decorative and glazed pots, seeds to grow fruits, vegetables, & flowers, and garden supplies like potting soil, clippers, & misters.

Eden’s outdoor nursery area features a variety of succulents, cacti, and California native plants. The space also includes a large tropical living wall and a relaxing water feature, creating a serene environment for the community to enjoy.

As a full-service nursery, Eden provides plant design, delivery, installation, and maintenance services to residential and commercial customers. We would love to bring your ideas to life and help care for your plants!

Whether searching for a beautiful houseplant, looking to add a vibrant succulent to your collection, or just seeking some plant therapy, we at Eden San Diego look forward to seeing you enjoy our shop!

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4636 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116


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